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Galvanised Steel Serving Buckets

Galvanised Steel Serving Buckets

Galvanised steel serving buckets and galvanised steel serving tubs are so versatile.  Available in a variety of different shapes and sizes, these serving buckets can be used for presenting sides such as chips and tapas, to serving other fried foods in style, as well as holding condiments and cutlery.  The mini galvanised steel serving buckets make great holders for toothpicks and sauces, whilst the largest serving buckets and serving tubs are perfect for use as a table tidy or for serving food sharing dishes.  We recommend when using these galvanised serving buckets and tubs that you use greaseproof paper to protect them and they must always be washed by hand.  Have a browse through this extensive range of galvanised serving buckets and tubs and find the perfect serving dish for your menu.

Pattersons Catering Supplies also stock serving tubs and serving buckets made from porcelain as well as coloured steel serving buckets.  Browse our extensive collection of serving dishes online at