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Food Service Trays

Food Service Trays

Food service trays are, of course, an important aspect of any catering establishment, whether you’re a restaurant, a bar, a café or a pub. They make for the quick, easy and safe delivery of food and drink to a customers table, making for a happy customer all round but most importantly, happy staff! From wooden hospitality service trays, fitted with a small draw and sturdy edges are perfect for hotels and B&B’s delivery room service, to butlers trays, anti-slip trays and welcome trays. We know that every catering establishment is different, from the food you serve, to the services you offer to your brand themes, and that’s why our extensive selection of professional food service trays offer every type of food service tray for every type of customer. Designed to work flawlessly with the busy catering trade, our food service trays are designed with a multitude of features and incredible durable materials making for increased productivity and functionality.

Food Service Tray At Pattersons Catering Supplies For Restaurants, Hotels and Bars.

Food service trays are only one aspect of the catering trade that improve catering functionality. Hotels, restaurants and bars looking for functional catering supplies should consider Pattersons Catering Supplies extensive range of gravy boats, stainless steel meat flats and food presentation bowls. Order online at to qualify for our next day delivery options, take advantage of our great customers service channels and wholesale prices.