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Method Cleaning Products

Method cleaning products are specifically designed to cause as little harm to the environment as possible, and not only use responsibly-sourced ingredients, but also cutting-edge green chemistry and packaging which is both recycled and recyclable.

All Method's products are designed to leave your skin as clean as possible, while causing as little harm to the environment as possible. Method eco-friendly soaps are the latest in eco-friendly skincare. Presented in remarkably attractive packaging, they are as refreshing as they are long-lasting.

Every ingredient used in a Method cleaning product is comprehensively evaluated by an independent environmental research institute, MBDC. As a result of this rigorous material research process, Method are completely certain of the health and environmental safety of all their products.

Buy Method Cleaning Products from Pattersons Cleaning Supplies

Browse our range of Method cleaning products from an extensive range of eco cleaning products available to order now from Pattersons Cleaning Supplies. We stock a large range of cleaning chemicals and cleaning supplies to ensure you have all the cleaning equipment and supplies you need to keep your business spick and span. If you have any queries about these Method cleaning products or any of the eco-friendly cleaning products we stock here at Pattersons Cleaning Supplies, please contact our customer services team on 0117 934 1270 or email

FREE UK delivery available on orders of eco cleaning products.