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Plastic Shot Glasses

Plastic shot glasses are the perfect solution for busy bars and nightclubs.  With no washing up required, or breakages, disposable plastic shot glasses ensure that serving drinks is efficient and speedy.  As plastic glasses won’t smash, these disposable shot glasses are ideal for slammers, and what’s best about plastic shot glasses – no washing up is required!  These shot glasses stack for maximum back of house storage and with a variety of sizes to choose from, you can serve 25ml shots, slammers and even Jagerbombs with our selection of plastic shot glasses.  Our plastic disposable shot glasses are cheap allowing you to buy in bulk and save pounds on your plastic glasses.  Browse our range of plastic shots, order today and we will deliver tomorrow anywhere in the UK.

Plastic Shots Glasses - Just Part Of An Extensive Collection Of Plastic Glasses

For a full range of plastic glasses for your bar, outdoor event or party, browse our full range of disposable plastic glasses.  If you would like plastic shot glasses that can be reused check out our reusable plastic glasses which includes a range of plastic shot glasses.  Pattersons Catering Supplies are a leading supplier of catering glassware for bars, restaurants, pubs and more.  Browse our online range of catering & restaurants glasses online.  If you have any questions about plastic shot glasses contact our customer services team on or call 0117 934 1270.