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Plastic Champagne Flutes

Disposable glassware is ideal if you have a concern about breakages or are hosting a variety of outdoor events. Plastic champagne flutes are ideal for serving drinks such as champagne and prosecco to your guests and customers. Reduce the risk of breakages by using plastic flutes – and save on your time spent washing up. Plastic champagne flutes are the perfect cost-saving option for your business – plus they still look stylish. Simply use, and dispose!

Plastic Champagne Flutes – Part of a Range of Disposable Plastic Glassware

Pattersons Catering Supplies stock a large range of wholesale disposable glassware, perfect for any event. Buy plastic wine glasses, plastic tumblers and more in our extensive range of disposable glassware. Pattersons Catering Supplies are a leading supplier of catering glassware for bars, restaurants, pubs and more. Browse our online range of catering & restaurants glasses online now. If you have any questions about our plastic champagne flutes, contact our customer services team on or call 0117 934 1270.