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Catering Tea Towels

Catering tea towels are essential for heavy use in restaurants, bars and cafes when drying up. Our range of catering tea towels are useful both in the kitchen and behind the bar. With a range of different kitchen tea towels from terry tea towels to catering tea towels in cotton, you will find all the heavy-duty tea towels you need here for your business. For polishing your glasses after they are removed from the glasswasher, try one of our catering glass clothes, designed to ensure glasses sparkle when dried. Our range of tea towels & glass cloths won’t add colour to your home but they are ideal for drying your dishes!

Wholesale Glass Cloths & Catering Tea Towels

Bulk buy your tea towels from Pattersons Catering Supplies and ensure you always have a towel to dry your dishes! Part of a huge range of catering products that we stock ready to be delivered next day anywhere in the UK. For catering products and supplies our online catering product store has all the kitchen linen you could ever require.