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Arcoroc Sensation Wine Glasses

Arcoroc Sensation Wine Glasses

The Arcoroc Sensation range of wine glasses is a selection of pub and restaurant glassware manufactured by Arcoroc, a brand which has been designing innovative solutions to the practical challenges faced by catering establishments for over fifty years.  The key to success for Arcoroc is to new and innovative solutions that meet the needs of bars, pubs, clubs, hotels and restaurants with the added value of attractive, visually pleasing glassware that is pleasant to drink from.

The Sensation Wine Glasses have been designed specifically by Arcoroc for professional use. These glasses offer greater durability than average wine glasses, while the transparency of the glasses lends a really sophisticated touch, and the shape of the wine glass releases the aromas and flavour of your wine. These wine glasses are made from a strong, shock resistant glass for added durability. Also these Sensation Wine glasses range are extra dishwasher safe, retaining their brilliance, even after 2000 washes.