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Plastic Cutlery

Plastic cutlery designed for the catering industry to be used as disposable cutlery.  Whether you cater events outside or you want to provide your takeaway customers with plastic disposable cutlery to takeaway with their food, we can help you find the disposable cutlery best-suited to your requirements. We have an extensive range of plastic cutlery in a variety of colours from black to white to silver. Plastic cutlery is suitable for use with a variety of foods and our range includes light weight cheap plastic cutlery, heavier gauge plastic cutlery for hot foods as well as our deluxe range if disposable cutlery for upscale takeaway and event food service.

We also stock a large range of compostable cutlery as well as wooden cutlery.  If you were not looking for disposable cutlery but stainless steel catering cutlery then check out our range here.