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Wooden Cutlery

Our wooden cutlery range is the perfect choice for caterers looking for biodegradable cutlery that looks good and works at any event.  Environmentally friendly disposable wooden forks, knives and spoons create the right impression with your customers. Looking more upmarket than standard disposable cutlery, your customers know wooden cutlery is recyclable, so by simply choosing wooden cutlery over plastic cutlery as your disposable cutlery choice, you create the impression your business cares about the environment. Perfect for festivals, street food kiosks, coffee shops and event caterers our range of biodegradable wooden cutlery is completely recyclable.

We also stock a complete range of disposable plastic cutlery and compostable cutlery if you are looking for a different type of disposable cutlery. As large independent catering suppliers we also have an extensive range of catering cutlery.  For stainless steel restaurant cutlery from leading brands visit our catering cutlery section.