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Disposable Tableware

Disposable Tableware

Having a party? Catering an event? Let Pattersons Catering Supplies help you with our large range of disposable plates and bowls that are perfect for any occasion. Our range of disposable tableware features paper plates, polystyrene plates and compostable plates, so you’re sure to find the right plate or bowl for your needs. Our range of disposable dinner plates suit every budget; from economy paper plates you can buy in bulk for buffets, parties and take-away food at festivals to white polystyrene plates if you need a plate to carry hot and heavy food. Our range of disposable plates and bowls includes plates from 6” to 10.25” and disposable bowls with a capacity of 7oz or 8oz.

Buy Disposable Tableware at Pattersons Catering Supplies

Planning an event? Why not contact us for your disposable tableware needs, part of our extensive catering disposables range. If you have any questions about the range of disposable tableware we stock at Pattersons Catering Supplies, please phone our customers services department on 0117 934 1270 or email us on

FREE UK delivery available on our range of disposable tableware. Buy paper plates, polystyrene plates and compostable plates now. From paper plates to polystyrene plate through to compostable plates and biodegradable plates that are completely plastic free so you’re eco-friendly, we have it all.