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Melamine Crockery

Melamine crockery and melamine tableware is a great choice for dining outdoors.  Tough and durable, melamine is a great alternative to plastic crockery and disposable plates and bowls!  Melamine is smash-proof and extremely durable hence why it’s a popular choice with caravan owners, because it does not break on the move! Designed to last for years, melamine crockery will not rust, chip or fade. Melamine tableware is also a great choice if serving food to children!

If you are looking for other suggestions of non-breakable crockery, have you considered polycarbonate crockery?  With many of the same benefits of melamine tableware, an array of colour options and a great choice for use in schools and care homes. We also stock a large range of catering crockery, why not have a look and see what brands such as Churchill, Porcelite and Genware have to offer?