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Hygiene Paper Rolls

Hygiene Paper Rolls

Hygiene rolls, or couch rolls as you might know them, are popular for use in establishments where hygiene is extremely vital such hospital, beauty salons, clinics, care homes and sports centres. The versatile hygiene paper roll is efficient and hygienic so not only can you cover your couch or bed, you can use the hygiene paper rolls for general wiping tasks, drying utensils and cleaning hard surfaces with santitiser as well as basic hand drying. It the paper roll format, it can easily be transported to the place you need it and you can quickly and easily remove the correct amount of paper you need.

Hygiene Paper Rolls For Healthcare Establishments

Hygiene Paper Rolls, unlike hand paper rolls, are a hygienic cleaning and drying solution suitable for the healthcare industry. Shop online at Pattersons Cleaning Supplies for your essential hygiene paper rolls and have them as early as the next working day or select one of our click and collect options. For advice on your paper hand towels, give our friendly team a call on 0117 934 1270.