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Churchill Options Restaurant Crockery

Churchill Options Restaurant Crockery

Options by Churchill China is the ultimate sharing concept.  Contemporary in design, Churchill China’s Option range is a multi-functional collection of dishes and dippers which are perfect for combos, sharing starters, main courses as well as buffets.  This collection of white super vitrified dishes is designed to work with the plastic dippers that hook on to each dish for practicality and style.

Designed to be stacked, the Churchill Option dishes have a superior Churchill China glaze which not only allows food to shine but also ensures each white dish has a longer life.  The super vitrified Churchill China base is renowned as being one of the strongest in the world and these Churchill Option dishes will last for years of constant use.  Churchill Options is designed to work with any of the Churchill Super Vitrified China collections.  Browse Pattersons Catering Supplies extensive range of restaurant crockery by Churchill China to find the complete tabletop solution to meet your needs. With next day delivery, Pattersons Catering Supplies prides itself on its extensive range of next day delivered wholesale restaurant crockery online.