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Polycarbonate Crockery

Polycarbonate Crockery

Polycarbonate crockery is the perfect tableware solution for schools, hospitals, care homes and much more. Polycarbonate crockery has a number of distinct advantages over regular crockery; firstly, polycarbonate crockery is virtually unbreakable. As polycarbonate is shatterproof, all these polycarbonate plates, bowls and mugs can be dropped time and time again, and will never break. Another benefit of polycarbonate crockery is that it is safe to put in the dishwasher and the freezer as many times as you like, without any detriment to the item whatsoever. (Many of these items are also safe to put in the microwave, however some are not, and so checking prior to putting in the microwave is essential.)

At Pattersons Catering Supplies, our range of polycarbonate crockery is so extensive, we have divided it into the following categories so you can find the right polycarbonate tableware item for your needs.
Polycarbonate plates
Polycarbonate bowls
Polycarbonate sundae dishes
Polycarbonate meal trays
Polycarbonate tumblers & beakers
Antibacterial polycarbonate range

Our range of polycarbonate tableware includes cups, mugs, polycarbonate plates and bowls and our polycarbonate tableware comes in a range of exciting colours and patterns that is sure to appeal to the young. This collection of polycarbonate crockery is also perfect for use in the home, the polycarbonate plates and bowls are great for use toddlers and young children, or for picnics and outdoor activities - every item in our polycarbonate range is perfect. With such damage-resistant polycarbonate crockery, you really can go anywhere with these polycarbonate plates, polycarbonate tumblers and more!

Polycarbonate Crockery – Part of a Range of Catering Crockery from Pattersons Catering Supplies

Polycarbonate crockery is just a small part of the range of catering crockery we stock. Pattersons Catering Supplies stock a full range of catering crockery designed for professional use. To find out more browse our online catering crockery range or call our customer services department on 0117 934 1270 or email us on if you have any restaurant crockery related questions!

FREE UK delivery available on orders of polycarbonate crockery, and catering and restaurant crockery.