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Catering Crockery

Catering Crockery

Catering crockery and restaurant crockery from Pattersons Catering Supplies huge range of commercial crockery designed to withstand the needs of any busy caterer.  When it comes to catering, restaurant crockery is more than a set of plates, bowls and cups. It frames the flavours you’ve spent a lifetime crafting; it’s the foundation upon which your dishes stand. It says as much about your business as the staff or the premises, and choosing the right catering crockery is crucial.

As a catering crockery supplier, we appreciate how important restaurant crockery is to the catering trade, and so we’ve gone to extraordinary lengths, not only to bring you a very broad range of commercial restaurant crockery, but also to offer an option of restaurant crockery to suit every caterer's budget. Our wholesale crockery range goes beyond standard white catering crockery.  As a leading catering crockery supplier we keep up with the latest trends in the hospitality trade, and stock coloured restaurant crockery collections such as Churchill Stonecast, Churchill Studio Prints and many, many, more patterned catering crockery ranges to add colour to the tabletop.

We’re proud to offer a wide range of wholesale crockery from world renowned crockery brands like Churchill China and Steelite, as well as lesser known restaurant crockery brands that we really believe in, like Porcelite and Simply.  Our range of Churchill China is huge and covers all the catering china any restaurant would need, from budget catering crockery to the Alchemy fine dining range of restaurant crockery, suitable for the finest of restaurant tables. For budget conscious caterers our as a leading catering crockery supplier range of white china is an economic range of catering crockery yet still designed for commercial use. Every piece we stock not only looks great, but is also more than a match for the rigours of a busy professional catering environment. This is catering crockery as it should be.