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Diversey Horizon Laundry Dispensing System

Diversey Horizon Laundry Dispensing System

The Horizon laundry system from Johnson Diversey laundry chemicals.  Every laundry is different and requires different laundry products for different problems.  Working with Pattersons we will discuss with you your requirements and help identify the Horizon laundry products for your business.   For the care and cleaning of items washed by on premises laundries, the Horizon range of products has been carefully formulated.   Here at Pattersons we offer the Horizon range of autodosed and manual dosing laundry care chemicals. 

The autodosed liquid range is packed in handy 10 litre containers to reduce the handling problem’s that frequently occur in this environment, these products are the ideal solution, providing the operator with a trouble-free method of delivering excellent results on every load.  For manual dosing the Horizon range offers the user professional strength products in easy to dose containers.  Choose from a selection of professional strength laundry detergents, softeners, washing boosters and bleaches for all your laundry needs.

Diversey offers an extensive portfolio of laundry and fabric care products and processes that combine exceptional performance, cost effectiveness and safe operation while using fewer chemicals and less energy. The company constantly innovates to deliver new products formulated to meet the unique challenges faced by customers in demanding sectors including healthcare, hotels, catering and care homes.

The comprehensive Diversey portfolio includes products in the Clax and Horizon ranges for every stage of the laundry and fabric care process. These are designed to deliver bright, clean and fresh-smelling laundry that is stain-free and soft with no greying or deterioration over time. Advanced formulation helps to reduce rewashes, linen replacement and machine occupancy for better overall results and productivity.

These laundry care liquids are supplied as concentrates for use with the company’s fully and semi-automated controlled dosing systems. Controlled dosing promotes cleaning consistency, reduces wastage and improves cost control while making it easier to use products. The correct amount of powder or liquid is used every time for the best possible cleaning performance with minimum waste. This is safer for laundry staff and other operatives because it minimises contact with product and reduces the risk of slips caused by spillages.

Concentrated cleaning products also reduce chemical miles, per cleaning cycle, because no water is transported but is instead added at the point of use. Concentrates also use smaller packs compared with ready to use products which means that overall they require less storage space and utilise less packaging material. A range of pack sizes is available to provide users with flexibility and choice.

Diversey supports its laundry products with a range of training packages that are designed to ensure customers get the best possible return on their investment with improved productivity, performance, economy and safety. Training covers all aspects of laundry and fabric care and can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements.

The company also provides special management information systems that help customers to control costs by verifying, assessing, customising and optimising laundry operations. A team of technical experts is available to lend additional hands-on support and advice. This includes helping customers to identify potential improvements from pre wash through to drying and finishing and ways to save energy and deliver the best possible finish to fabrics and textiles.