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Bathroom Bleach

Bathroom bleaches offer you increased sterilising and germ killing properties in bathrooms and washrooms.  Our range of bleaches include thickened formulas as well as general bleaches for sanitising and germ killing, all at great prices.  The right bleach products will keep mould and mildew at bay whilst killing germs.  Choose from smaller 750ml containers of bleach for smaller areas or 5ltr contract cleaning sized options.  With a range of bleaches from leading cleaning product brands including Jangro and Domestos, you will find the bleach to suit your bleaching requirements. 

Bathroom Bleaches – Commercial Cleaners From Pattersons Cleaning Supplies

Our bathroom bleach cleaners are part of a massive range of cleaning chemicals and cleaning equipment stocked by Pattersons Cleaning Supplies. Next day delivery on all cleaners for every area of your business or house.  We are wholesale cleaning suppliers and have been supplying the UK since 1889.  Find out why we are one of the largest, independent family run suppliers of cleaning equipment and janitorial supplies, call 0117 934 1270 to find out more.