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Inventory Packs

Inventory packs can have many uses: caravan inventory packs, chalet inventory packs and holiday home inventory packs. No matter what use you have for these inventory packs, they are available to order online from Pattersons Accommodation Supplies. Our inventory packs for holiday parks and lodges are the perfect solution to saving you time and energy. These inventory packs contain all your kitchen and homeware essentials in one convenient pack. Simple, convenient and cost effective, each inventory pack is individually assembled and ready for distribution. All you need to do is pick an inventory pack for your holiday park or caravan, and our fast reliable delivery service will have it delivered to your front door. At Pattersons Accommodation Supplies, we have a range of caravan inventory packs to choose from that cater for all budgets and a number of different berths.

Buy Inventory Packs at Pattersons Accommodation Supplies

Buy your inventory packs from Pattersons Accommodation Supplies range of accommodation packs. Pick the pack that’s right for you, and we’ll do the rest. If you have any questions about the inventory packs we sell here at Pattersons, contact our sales team on 01626 830 900 or email us your queries to