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Student Packs

Are you a student looking to go to University? Or a University that requires packs for your student rooms? Or are you a serviced accommodation provider who needs some room packs for your guests? Well look no further than Pattersons Accommodation Supplies with our range of student packs. We stock bedding packs, dining packs, bathroom packs, electrical packs and much, much more to help you furnish a room just as you need it.

Preparing for the arrival of your guests demands a lot of planning - room packs are a simple, cost effective solution that ensures you are well prepared for their arrival! Devised especially for the accommodation sector to eliminate the need to purchase items individually, each specialist room pack considers your guest requirements and are packed individually for easy transportation and storage.

At Pattersons Accommodation Supplies, we supply a whole variety of room packs that cater for a wide range of accommodation establishments, from domestic electrical packs to quality dining packs, each room pack is value for money and available at just the click of a button. Simply select a pack and we will deliver it to your accommodation ready for you.

Buy Student Packs at Pattersons Accommodation Supplies

Buy your student packs from Pattersons Accommodation Supplies’ selection of accommodation packs. If you have any questions about the student packs we sell here at Pattersons, contact our sales team on 01626 830 900 or email us your queries to