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Laundry Accessories

Our range of laundry & ironing accessories are vital to ensure your guests feel at home, away from home. If your guests are staying more than a couple of days make sure you supply them with ironing equipment and laundry accessories so they can wash and care for their clothes.  Choose from hotel ironing stations with anti-theft devices to domestic ironing boards, laundry baskets and foldable airers. Here at Pattersons Hotel Supplies we also sell a range of domestic steam irons in our home appliance section perfect for holiday parks, lodges, B&Bs as well as serviced and student accommodation.

Whatever size your accommodation is we have a diverse range of laundry equipment to suit your guests needs. For commercial washing equipment visit our commercial laundry equipment section, and don’t forget we have a huge range of washing powders, laundry detergents and fabric softeners ready to be delivered next day!