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Kitchen Pots & Pans

Our pots & pans range at Pattersons Accommodation Supplies is designed for domestic home use.  Pots and pans are essential kitchen items and a good set will enhance the cooking experience and help you deliver great culinary dishes. From non-stick frypans to stainless steel cookware pots with vented glass lids, we have all the pans to cover your cooking needs. 

Provide Your Guests with Pots and Pans

Our selection of pots and pans are stocked for businesses that provide self-catered accommodation. This range of cookware is perfect if you host student accommodation, provide serviced accommodation, plus it’s also popular with holiday parks and lodges. Our kitchen pots & pans range is a collection of domestic home use only saucepans, frying pans and milk pans. 

If you were looking for professional cookware and catering pots and pans for use in a restaurant kitchen, then have a look at our range of professional pots & pans for all your professional needs.

For more kitchen products chosen for accommodation providers have a look at the whole collection kitchenware items. At Pattersons Accommodation Supplies, we also stock everything else your guests will need to enjoy their stay.  Our full range can be viewed by browsing the accommodation section of our website.

Buy Kitchen Pots & Pans from Pattersons Accommodation Supplies

If you require any further information about the range of domestic pots and pans we stock here at Pattersons Accommodation Supplies, please contact our customer services team on 0117 934 1270, or email