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Laundry & Washing Detergents

Laundry & Washing Detergents

Get professional laundry cleaning results with Pattersons Cleaning Supplies and our huge range of laundry detergents, washing powders, fabric softeners and specialist spot and stain removers for fabrics. Our laundry chemical section has all the top professional laundry care products to keep fabrics bright, smelling fresh and hygienic.

Here at Pattersons Cleaning Supplies, we stock many washing powders from leading powder laundry detergent brands such as Ariel, Bold, Daz and Persil. Our range of washing powders are available in both bio and non-bio versions. We also stock a range of laundry powders for different purposes such as professional laundry powders, colour washing powders and hygiene washing powders for healthcare. In addition to which, we also have also boxed or bagged fabric powders available and we also stock the popular ecological washing powders from Ecover and Jangro. Available in various sizes to buy online, our range of washing powder brands will meet all your laundry needs.

We have seen sales of laundry liquids grow as businesses switch to this laundry detergent format. Laundry liquids and laundry gels are easy and convenient to use, allowing you to dose your laundry detergent with high precision. Liquids and gels do not contain bleach, so they are not as effective on coloured stains as washing powders, but are a fantastic choice for stopping colour fade, and accurate dosing into your washing machine. At Pattersons Cleaning Supplies, we also sell online a comprehensive range of liquitabs and laundry tablets from brands such as Ariel, Bold, Daz and Persil. Easy and convenient to use, liquitabs and washing tablets clean from the very heart of your wash.

We also offer other an extensive range of professional fabric softeners and laundry conditioners to use in conjunction with your washing detergent from leading brands such as Comfort and Lenor, as well as specialist laundry care products such as laundry destainers and fabric spot and stain removers.

If you have an onsite laundry then why not consider installing a laundry dosing system? With systems from Diversey, Jangro Premium, Ecolab and P&G we can advise you on the best system to meet your laundry cleaning needs. Pattersons Cleaning Supplies is here to help. Contact us today.

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To make your search easier, we have divided our laundry and washing detergents into the following categories:

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Buy Professional Laundry Supplies from Pattersons Cleaning Supplies

Buy your professional laundry supplies from Pattersons Cleaning Supplies and our extensive range of laundry detergents and washing detergents. If you have any questions about the range of wholesale laundry supplies we stock at Pattersons, do not hesitate to contact us on 0117 934 1270 or email us on