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Toilet & Washroom Cleaners

Toilet & Washroom Cleaners

Need cleaners to clean a washroom or toilet? Then have a look through our washroom and toilet cleaning products section.  With leading industrial brands such as Diversey, Jangro and Ecolab our range of cleaning chemical products has the whole of your washroom and toilet cleaning needs covered.

For toilet cleaners then look no further than our massive range of toilet cleaners, toilet descalers as well urinal blocks and urinal screens and urinal cleaners. Pattersons Cleaning Supplies also stock a complete range of washroom cleaners for bathrooms and washrooms including bactericidal cleaners, cream cleaners, bathroom bleach and washroom disinfectants.  If you have a problem with drains then we also stock a great range of drain unblockers, or do you have a problem with mould and mildew?  Then browse through our range of mould and mildew cleaners and your problems will be solved. Here at Pattersons Cleaning Supplies we actively aim to be as green as possible so within every range of cleaning products for washrooms and toilets you will find environmentally friendly alternatives such as Diversey Sure, Ecover and Selden EcoFlower.

For guidance and advise on any aspect of washroom cleaning and which toilet cleaning products will best meet your needs please contact our friendly customer services team.  With years of experience they can offer advice on all aspects of washroom and toilet cleaners and give guidance on chemical selection.  Call 0117 934 1370 or email  Pattersons Cleaning Supplies also stock a comprehensive range of cleaning products for all areas.  View the complete range of cleaning chemicals online.