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Rubber Gloves

Rubber Gloves

Rubber gloves are great for household cleaning and janitorial tasks.  Our range of household rubber gloves are available in a multiple of sizes and bright, fun colours like yellow, blue, green and pink gloves. These rubber gloves will help to brighten up your day, and most of all your dishes.  Rubber cleaning gloves are durable and resistant to a variety of chemicals when used for general cleaning, that’s why rubber gloves are a popular cleaning glove choice.  A lot of our customers prefer to use rubber gloves for dishwashing.  When used as washing up gloves these rubber gloves protect the hands from detergent and hot water. 

Our biggest selling glove is from our range of yellow rubber gloves but we think pink rubber gloves, blue and green are more interesting!  At such great pricing, there is no reason not to have a rubber glove in all four colourways and if your business runs a colour coding hygiene system such as BICS, then these rubber gloves are perfect for compliance.

So for an extensive collection of household rubber gloves browse Pattersons Cleaning Supplies’ online rubber glove collection today!  We don’t just sell rubber gloves but also a huge range of work safety gloves online.  For disposable gloves and chemical resistant gloves look through our online departments, order today and we will deliver tomorrow.