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Accommodation Packs

Accommodation Packs

Our accommodation packs are designed to save you time, hassle and money. Our inventory and room packs cater for all requirements and budgets. At Pattersons Accommodation Supplies, our inventory packs are suited to holiday park accommodation, but are also popular with serviced accommodation where this is a requirement to furnish a kitchen, bathroom and living room.

The range of inventory packs and room packs from Pattersons Accommodation Supplies contain everything you need to fill a room. Each pack within this accommodation packs section is individually packed and ready for distribution! Our room packs are a mix of dining packs, kitchen packs and electrical packs. These packs offer you the flexibility of updating just what is required, or for student accommodation we offer arrival packs. Again these three packs have been designed to offer everything to get a student started at University or college. These packs are also a great option for serviced accommodation that require a bedding option.

Can’t Find the Pack You Need at Pattersons Accommodation Supplies?

If you can't find an accommodation pack that suits your business, call our sales team on 01626 830 900 and we will discuss your requirements and design a bespoke pack for your needs. At Pattersons Accommodation Supplies, we will also hold this pack information on our system so you can re-order the same package time and time again.

Buy Accommodation Packs at Pattersons

To help make the ordering process easier for you, our accommodation packs are split into the following sections:
Inventory packs
Student packs
Inventory display packs

If you would like any further help in choosing your inventory packs and room packs, contact us on 01626 830 900 or email us on for help and advice.