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When providing accommodation it is important that guests feel like they are at home. Here is our housewares section you will find a whole array of vital houseware supplies! Including plasticware available in 3 colours for a uniformed look, convenient bedding packs, bathroom towels, mops, ironing boards and much, much more!

All of these items are domestic and so are suitable for home use too. If you have a kitchen and require plastic washing up bowls, plastic bins and drainers from Addis then why not have a look at what we can offer in linen, metallic and black.

For business’s we offer bedding packs, making it simpler for you to kit out a room, but these packs are also great for students, so if your child is off to University, then why not make life easier and buy a bed in a bag for them?

Have a look through this section and see what essential housewares are available from