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As social media continues to grow, so does the number of people sharing pictures of their meals for the world to see. If your food presentation isn’t Instagrammable, there’s a very good chance customers will be put off visiting. Yes, that’s right, no matter how good your food tastes if it doesn’t look good enough for social media a customer might not return! Plus, you want more people to share your catering establishment online with their friends, right?

Instagrammble Table And Food Service Supplies For Catering Establishments

Table and food service products have of course always been important, but choosing the right table settings to show off your meals and get them photograph ready has never been more important. Restaurants, cafes, pubs, hotels and, well, anywhere that serves food should have a browse of our extensive range of Instagram worthy table and food service products. Ranging from gravy boats to food display trays, serving boards and paddles and of course food presentation bowls and baskets, our collection of catering supplies feature both traditional pieces and creative, innovative selections from leading tableware brands such as Arcoroc and Churchill.

Whilst some of our table and food service products are more traditional, designed with simplicity in mine to help elevate the food, you can also find more innovative tableware supplies here that aren’t traditionally used for table presentation but are increasingly becoming more popular – especially on social media. Think plant pots for chips or mini frying pans and wok’s for main courses and starters. You can also find your essentials in the section such as order pads and plate covers.