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Cleaning Chemicals

Cleaning chemicals stocked by Pattersons for all types of cleaning tasks. With brands such as Diversey, Jangro cleaning products and Ecolab for professional results, our range of cleaning chemicals covers every cleaning requirement. In our cleaning chemical section you will find all of our chemicals cleaners divided under cleaning application to help you make the right choice for your cleaning needs. At Pattersons Cleaning Supplies, we stock cleaning chemicals for;
Toilet and washroom cleaners
Laundry & washing detergents
Bar cleaning chemicals
Kitchen cleaners
Washing up liquids
Floor cleaning chemicals
Specialist chemicals
Cleaning chemical dispensing systems
Cleaning chemical packs
Eco cleaning products

Our extensive range of industrial cleaning chemicals covers washroom hygiene, kitchen cleaning, housekeeping tasks, laundry and even specialist applications such as Sprint Spitfire for graffiti removal and chewing gum removers. If you prefer to search for cleaning chemicals via brand, our range also includes Mr Muscle, Carefree, Daz, Ariel, Persil, Domestos, Cif, Fairy and Suma to name just a few. Oh and we also stock many environmentally friendly cleaning chemicals such as Ecover, Astonish and Selden’s Ecoflower if choosing a greener cleaning chemical is important for your cleaning needs. At Pattersons Cleaning Supplies, we are specialists in cleaning, and understand our range can be vast, to please contact us if you need help with your wholesale cleaning chemical selection.

On top of all that, all chemical safety sheets can be downloaded here online.

Buy Cleaning Chemicals from Pattersons Cleaning Supplies

If you’re in need of cleaning chemicals, you’ve come to the right place with Pattersons Cleaning Supplies. We stock a large selection of wholesale cleaning supplies to ensure that no matter what area you’re trying to clean, we have a commercial cleaning chemical for you. These cleaning chemicals are part of a large range of cleaning supplies available to order now!  If you have any questions about this extensive range of cleaning chemicals, please contact our friendly customer services team on 0117 934 1270 and they will be happy to help. Alternatively, please email us on