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Cream Whippers

Cream whippers for the preparation of light, fluffy whipped cream for desserts, hot chocolates and finishing touches to your dishes and drinks. Our range of whipped cream dispensers are available in a range of sizes from leading cream whipper brands such as Kisag and iSi. Browse our range and discover Kisag whipped cream dispensers from the leading Swiss kitchen equipment manufacturer of quality cream whippers and whipped cream dispensers for professional chefs. The iSi range of cream whippers stocked at Pattersons Catering Supplies from the renowned Austrian brand iSi, includes 0.5ltr whipped cream dispensers and 1ltr cream whippers. Designed for professional use our cream whippers for producing identical qualities of whipped cream are all available with next day delivery from Pattersons Catering Supplies.

Of course for your whipped cream dispenser you’ll require some cream whipper bulbs too!  Luckily we stock both iSi cream whipper bulbs and Kisag cream whipper bulbs for both the iSi and Kisag whipped cream dispensers. Browse through our range and discover professional whipped cream dispensers and whipper cream bulbs for both professional caterers and home chefs. Our cream whippers are just part of a large range of pastry and baking tools that Pattersons Catering Supplies stock.

Cream Whippers at Pattersons Catering Supplies

Find out why Pattersons Catering Supplies are a leading independent supplier of cream whipper dispensers and bulbs.  Order today and we'll delivery next working day.  If you require any help or advise with selecting a cream whipper or have a general catering equipment question please contact us on 0117 934 1270 or email  We are here to help with all your catering supplies questions.