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Colour Coded Brooms & Brushes

Colour coded cleaning equipment has become the standard within the food and drink industry and is also used inter-departmentally to ensure cleaning equipment used in high risk areas is not used in other areas, thereby reducing the risk of cross contamination in the workplace.

By colour coded your cleaning equipment, the appropriate cleaning tools are designated to specific areas and are clearly identifiable. Colour coded cleaning equipment significantly reduces the chance of cross contamination by ensuring equipment used for raw food is not used for high risk food. By using colour coded brooms, managers are able to implement HACCP systems requiring inter-departmental or food type segregation.

Often within food and drink producers a number of languages are spoken and this can be a challenge to manage from a quality perspective. By using the Salmon Hygiene Technology colour coded cleaning tools you will be able to overcome language barriers, as the distinction between cleaning tools is visually and readily apparent. Totally colour coded cleaning equipment is essential for achieving the industry standards required and for satisfying the safety inspector's audits.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) is a prevention-based system developed by the US Department of Agriculture to help food processors and food service companies eliminate food safety hazards by identifying Critical Control Points. The Points are defined as steps or procedures in the food-handling process, where controls can be applied to prevent or reduce hazards. HACCP is designed to minimise food safety risks by predicting where they are likely to occur and preventing them before they happen. EC Regulation 852/2004 states that “food business operators shall put in place, implement and maintain a permanent procedure or procedures based on the HACCP principles." Salmon Hygiene Technology’s completely colour coded cleaning equipment will greatly assist the implementation of HACCP within the workplace.