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Facial Tissues

Facial tissues and paper handkerchiefs for hotels, guest accommodation, hospitality bathrooms and any other commercial business who wants to provide facial tissues to their guests.  Facial tissues are far better than using toilet tissue for applications such as removing make up, drying eyes, or nursing a nose as they provide an extra soft, non-abrasive, absorbent paper specially designed for personal hygiene and grooming duties. Unlike traditional handkerchiefs, facial tissues are disposable ensuring germs and grime are disposed of immediately, creating a more hygienic system.

Our facial tissue range here at Pattersons Cleaning Supplies are available to buy in bulk so you can benefit from cost efficiency whilst having a steady supply of product. 

For an extra luxurious touch in your washrooms, why not present your facial tissues in a dispenser box? We supply facial tissue dispensers in chrome, making tissue dispensing easy and hygienic.  These boxes are a popular choice with hotels, bar and restaurant washrooms and are an elegant way of preventing excessive tissue consumption.