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Kitchen Rolls

Paper towels are an excellent absorbent textile, that can be used to clean up spills, wipe surfaces, dry hands and various other kitchen duties. Unlike conventional towels, kitchen towels are made from absorbent paper instead of cloth so can be disposed of after use for great hygiene. We have two varieties of kitchen paper available to purchase online - kitchen rolls and kitchen towels. For quick convenient wiping, reach for a sheet of kitchen roll, these can be kept on a stand for easy access and one sheet makes a sufficient cloth for any wiping task.

Paper teatowels are popular with schools, nursing homes and kitchens. Equally as versatile as fabric teatowels, these kitchen towels have a large absorbent surface area for wiping larger surfaces, catching spills and drying up. Unlike conventional teatowels, these paper towels are fully disposable, eliminating the need to soak in cleaning chemicals, helping you to save time and reduce your laundry costs.