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Hand Wash & Soap

We stock different hand washes for different hand washing and hand hygiene purposes. If you would like to know how to wash your hands, then the best place to start is by choosing the correct hand cleaning handwash for your purpose. Here at Pattersons we stock many bars of soap perfect for both home hand washing and hand cleaning in hotel bathrooms. We stock hand soaps from leading brands such as Lux, Pear’s Soap and Shield, as well as the traditional buttermilk soap bars.

Our range of liquid soaps are available in many different dispensing options from pump bottles, to bulk fill soap liquids and soap cartridge systems. Stocking brands such as Lotus Professional, Ecolab, Deb Hand Care, we also stock a range of hand wash dispensers to hold these liquid soap solutions.

If you need to know which soaps are antibacterial, and then look no further than our range of hand sanitisers from brands such as Spirigel, GoJo and Deb. These antibacterial soaps, antibacterial washes and alcohol gels are great hand santisers for hygienic hand cleaning.

We are experts in hand hygiene systems and are here to answer any handwash or hand sanitising questions you have. Please contact us for help with any handwashing questions from which soaps are antibacterial to when to wash your hands with these soap systems, or how to wash your hands with any of these hand hygiene products.

Whether you are looking for a hand soap available in ready to use pump bottle, some guest soaps for your hotel bathroom, a hand care system from Deb or even protective barrier cream, all our soaps, hand cleansers, protective creams and sanitising gels are listed under this category.