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Flasks are great for people on the go. Whether you want hot drinks at work all day, or are going on a day trip and want to know that you’ll have a hot drink when you stop for a drink. These flasks could also be great for hotels who organise day trips for their guests; you could add that special touch by sending them off for the day with a hot drink to keep them warm. Maybe you’re a golfer who wants a hot drink between holes; the uses for thermos flasks and travel mugs are endless! Thermos flasks keep your drinks hot with great heat retention. Have a hot cup of coffee or tea just when you need it with this collection of flasks.

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Buy a flask today and ensure you have a hot drink just when you need it. These flasks are part of a large range of beverage service items available to order now. If you need tea and coffee items, we’re the place to go at Pattersons Catering Supplies. If you have any questions about these flasks, or would like any help choosing your beverage service items, please contact our customer services team on 0117 934 1270, or email us on