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Catering Thermometers

Catering Thermometers

Ensure the temperature of your food is correct with our thermometers, designed to ensure your food is served safely and to the highest quality for your guests. Don’t risk undercooked or over cooked food, or food being un-suitable for your guests due to having been stored at the wrong temperatures with our catering thermometers, not only designed to ensure your food is served to the highest quality, but to ensure your guests are not served food that could potentially cause illnesses.

At Pattersons, we supply a large range of thermometers for fridges, freezers, meat roasts and even infrared thermometers!  Choosing the right thermometer probe can be just as important as selecting the main kitchen tool.  We offer next day delivery so you can buy what you want when you need it, all at fantastic prices.

Kitchen Thermometers & Probes For Your Commercial Kitchen
Choose the correct catering thermometer for your commerical restaurant, cafe or pub kitchen from our extensive range that includes:
Fridge and freezer thermometers
Hanging catering thermometers
Digital catering thermometers
Oven and meat thermometers
Thermometers accessories
Kitchen timers
Food probe termometers