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Kitchen Utensils

At Pattersons we stock a wide range of chef’s utensils at competitive pricing suitable for every-day-use in busy catering environments. We provide the cooking utensils and specialty kitchen gadgets you need for prepping, straining, timing, measuring and more. From chopping boards to serving utensils to thermometers and measuring jugs, a huge collection of quality chef’s tools is available, ensuring efficiency for all your preparations. Our range meets high standards for durability, quality and reliability.

Find Kitchen Utensils Online at Pattersons Catering Supplies

We cover any requirement to cater for your business needs.  Come to Pattersons for your entire bar supplies and catering equipment. We offer every utensil you will ever need and more. With name brands such as Kitchen Craft, Judge, Victorinox, Camro and Master Class, our range of chef’s utensils is from brands you can trust.  We offer next day delivery so you can buy what you want when you need it, all at fantastic prices.