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Chefs Knives

Chefs Knives

Chefs knives are the most important thing in a professional kitchen. While catering pots and pans are undoubtedly important, a good hygiene chopping board is crucial and you probably won’t get far without a decent professional thermometer, a chef knife reigns supreme as the most important utensil a chef will ever hold in his hand. For this reason, the professional kitchen knives you buy have got to be the best.

Of course, every chef will have a different definition of the ‘best’ professional kitchen knife. Perhaps for you, the best chefs knife has a heavy, European style blade, with a thick bolster, which brings the balance of the knife towards the handle, and allows you to make firm, aggressive cuts which are also highly accurate. Or, perhaps you prefer a cheaper professional chef knife, which may not make quite such precise incisions, but are durable enough for constant use in a busy catering kitchen, retaining their edge for a very long time, and doing everything from slicing to filleting with ease. We stock a large number of both types of professional kitchen knives, in order to help you choose the professional chef’s knife you need.

As well as the usual chefs knives, we also stock a number of specialist knives, such as oyster knives, cheese knives and boning knives, as well as melon ballers, shaping knives and sandwich spreaders. In addition to which, we have a wide selection of accessories which will help you keep your professional kitchen knives in perfect working order. For example, we supply a wide assortment of professional knife sharpeners. Available in a number of different styles, our kitchen knife sharpeners will help you keep your chef knives sharpened to a fine, razor edge, greatly increasing their lifespan as well as their cutting ability. We also have a number of knife racks, which will help you keep your knives safe when they’re not in use, and will also lend a stylish decorative touch to your kitchen. Magnetic knife racks are also great for lowering the chance of cross contamination. As well as knife racks, we have a number of knife blocks for keeping your knives stored safely in the kitchen and, knife bags and wraps, which are ideal for transporting them in a safe and tidy manner.

If you need to replace many different chef knives at once, then have a look through our chef knife sets, which save you money if you have a few different professional kitchen knives to replace.  With professional kitchen knife sets from leading brands such as Genware and Victorinox we are sure we stock a set of professional kitchen knives to satisfy your needs.

Stocking leading brands of chef knives from Genware, Victorinox, Kitchen Devils and Gustav, here at Pattersons Catering Supplies you will find every type of chef knives you require as well as super-efficient delivery of your professional kitchen knives.  Have a browse through our range and discover professional kitchen knives and chef knives for every cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing requirement, plus a few more!