Polystyrene Takeaway Containers

If you’re running a street food outlet or serving takeaway food, you need to consider your polystyrene takeaway boxes. Here at Pattersons Catering Disposables we stock a range of polystyrene takeaway boxes for you to serve food such as burger boxes, containers suitable for chips and kebabs, plus much more. Whether you’re serving hot or cold food, curries, noodles, pasta, burritos, or salads, there is a polystyrene takeaway container that is suitable for your takeaway requirements. This extensive range of takeaway containers even features eco-friendly containers if being environmentally conscious is a strong priority for your business. Polystryrene takwaway boxes are popular due to their ability to keep food protected, fresh and warm for a long time whilst also being extremely lightweight and great value for money. 

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Polystyrene Takeaway Containers
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