Kitchen Devils Knives

Kitchen Knives By Kitchen Devils - a great choice for any cook or aspiring chef!  Kitchen Devils is the UK’s favourite brand of kitchen knife and a top seller for over 50 years.  Each Kitchen Devils knife has a blade made of stainless steel, individually heat treated for optimum hardness. Perfect for everyday use, this versatile range of Kitchen Devils kitchen knives includes a variety of serrated, scalloped and hollow ground blades.  Kitchen Devils knives ensure cutting edge angles of between 28-32 degrees and a Rockwell hardness measurement of 47-53.  The handles on a kitchen knife by Kitchen Devils is comfortable to hold and totally hygienic, because Kitchen Devils knife handles are moulded onto the knife blade so that food cannot get trapped. Did you know it was actually Kitchen Devils back in the 60’s that introduced the use of plastic handles on to kitchen knives?! Kitchen Devils Kitchen Knives provide a good balance and a secure, safe grip, with a large finger stop which stops hands slipping. For all types of kitchen knife from the Kitchen Devils Paring knife to a sturdy bread knife, this collection of knives for the kitchen by Kitchen Devils has all the basic kitchen knives you’ll ever need!

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