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Horizon Bright from Diversey is an auto dose laundry product formulated to kills bacteria including MRSA at 40 degrees passing all requirements for EN1276. This laundry destainer will also...

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Horizon Bright Destainer 10ltr

Horizon Bright from Diversey is an auto dose laundry product formulated to kills bacteria including MRSA at 40 degrees passing all requirements for EN1276. This laundry destainer will also kill the spores of Clostridium Difficile at 60 degrees passing the requirements for En13704.  Horizon Bright is for use in all auto-dosed systems and works synergistically with Diversey\'s laundry detergent Horizon Light to produce very clean results on coloured and white fabrics.  Horizon Bright is an exceptional  low temperature destainer.  Bright is highly effective at killing MRSA and other bacteria at 40oC and uniquely kills notoriously difficult Clostridium Difficile spores at 60oC - no rival liquid laundry product claims this. It has been tested to EN1276 and EN13704 European standards. Killing pathogenic organisms during the wash reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Greater economy is achieved by washing fabrics with Bright in standard appliances at low temperature settings. Washing with Bright at 40oC can save up to 35 per cent of overall energy costs compared with the traditional high temperature processes previously required to remove stubborn stains and eliminate dangerous infective agents. It can also result in water savings of up to 25 percent through fewer rewashes and less evaporation during heating. Labour savings of up to 10 percent can also be achieved by shorter wash cycles and fewer rewashes. The result is a reduction in overall rewash costs of up to 20 per cent.

The active ingredients of Bright are effective and powerful but gentle enough for all types of fabric which means it can be used on a wide range of bedding, clothing and linen. In addition to its low temperature capabilities it has been developed for optimum performance at a relatively low pH, between 9 and 10. This combination of low pH, low temperature and gentle active ingredients helps to extend the life of fabrics by up to 50 per cent and ensures that they maintain their look and feel for longer than with traditional detergents. This reduces the overall cost of fabric ownership because replacements are required less frequently.


The comprehensive Diversey portfolio includes products ranges for every stage of the laundry and fabric care process. These are designed to deliver bright, clean and fresh-smelling laundry that is stain-free and soft with no greying or deterioration over time. Advanced formulation helps to reduce rewashes, linen replacement and machine occupancy for better overall results and productivity.

These laundry care liquids are supplied as concentrates for use with the company’s fully and semi-automated controlled dosing systems. Controlled dosing promotes cleaning consistency, reduces wastage and improves cost control while making it easier to use products. The correct amount of powder or liquid is used every time for the best possible cleaning performance with minimum waste. This is safer for laundry staff and other operatives because it minimises contact with product and reduces the risk of slips caused by spillages.

Diversey supports its laundry products with a range of training packages that are designed to ensure customers get the best possible return on their investment with improved productivity, performance, economy and safety. Training covers all aspects of laundry and fabric care and can be tailored to a customer’s specific requirements.

The company also provides special management information systems that help customers to control costs by verifying, assessing, customising and optimising laundry operations. A team of technical experts is available to lend additional hands-on support and advice. This includes helping customers to identify potential improvements from pre wash through to drying and finishing and ways to save energy and deliver the best possible finish to fabrics and textiles. Speak to us here at Pattersons for further details and to organise an on-site survey.

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