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Using Folders In Your Order Pad & Favourites Options

Many of our customers have an extensive list of contracted products but will only order weekly from a select range of items.  This is where our folders option may help you.  This feature can be used to create bespoke shopping lists from which you can reorder time and time again.  Ideal for customers with extensive contract pricing or purchasing teams ordering for different locations or departments.

By creating folders you can store groups of products and label these for easy identification.  Once created these files are saved in your account so you can access them every time you login.  Whether you wish to use these files as a definite list or a loose template, these files are editable so you can add or remove items as well as adjust quantities.  This means you can adapt your shopping lists as your needs change.

If you have a large Order Pad but regularly order only a select range, you can create a more concise folder containing only your frequently ordered items.  This will eliminate the need to search through all your contract pricing each time.  Folders are also useful if there are different departments ordering from the one account.  For example if you run a hotel, the ‘restaurant’ can have their products in one folder, the ‘spa’ can have a unique folder and ‘housekeeping’ another.  By simply selecting their folder you will see just those products that were added.

You can combine the items from your contracted product with other items from the website.  When you spot anything you are interested in, just click on the ‘Add To Favourites’ and this item will be added to the favourites area and then can be moved into a labelled folder.

How To Use Folders

Go to the Order Pad option under Your Account.  
Firstly create a folder.  To do this in the ‘Add Folder’ field type a name for the folder.  Then click the + sign to add this folder.
Now just go through the list of items and if you see anything you would like to add, click the ‘Add To Folder’ button. This will then show you a list of folder options and you just select the one you wish to add the product too.

To access these items, just click on the folder title under ‘Contract List’ and the folder will open with any items you have added.  You can then simply enter the quantity required and add to basket to order.

To manage these items, products and folders can be deleted at any time, allowing you the flexibility over your order processes.  

If you require any further help with this, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0117 934 1270 or email