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Welfare Services

For decades, Pattersons has served the Welfare and Care Home industry with an extensive range of supplies, offers, advice, and information. With our proven expertise and thorough knowledge of the healthcare sector, we are able to offer a flexible service which can be tailored to your individual requirements. Our wide range of care home products includes a variety of patient care items, including toiletries and personal hygiene supplies, whilst our PPE equipment covers all bases, from disposable gloves and clothing, all the way to disposable aprons and face masks.

The Pattersons Welfare and Care Home Department is unique for a number of reasons, but is most renowned for its vast product coverage. Providing the Care Home market with a one stop shop, we not only supply popular items such as disposable nitrile and unpowdered vinyl gloves, paper towels, couch roll, and patient wipes, but we also offer a variety of catering, cleaning, and accommodation products that are essential to any live-in establishment. These include the Churchill Future Care crockery range, a selection of crockery specifically produced to retain the traditional and elegant design known to Churchill China, whilst also offering a range of features intended to assist independence and support wellbeing. These include a wide rim to aid handling and stability, and cup handles designed to offer easy grip and reduce risk of skin contact with the hot cup wall. Our welfare supplies  range also features a selection of specialised bedding, including a variety of flame retardant bed linen, flame retardant mattress protectors, and fire retardant bedding.

Our entire nursing and care home supplies range is competitively priced, and thanks to the number of market leading brands that we stock, including Abena, Cutan, Deb, Clinell, Diversy, and Conti, our customers can relax in the knowledge that they are receiving the highest quality at the very best prices. All of our care home supplies are also well stocked, and our on time, free next day delivery service is run in house to ensure the absolute best in customer service. Our sales reps also offer COSHH and cleaning solutions to ensure our customers receives the right service and the right product for their individual business.

For more information, feel free to contact our sales team on 0117 934 1270 or visit our website.