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Get FREE Online Cleaning Training With Jangro LMS

FREE Training For All Your Team With The Jangro Learning Management Solution 

At proud members of Jangro, Pattersons are very excited to be able to offer all of our customers FREE online training and guidance with the super easy to use and effective Jangro Learning Management Solution (LMS) which has won and been nominated for countless awards since it’s release.

What exactly is Jangro LMS?

The fully interactive suite of digital training and information modules allows all of your staff to be properly trained on the things important to your business. Your team can take the training on their desktop, tablet and mobile as it’s a super easy to use system. So the great thing is, your team can take the modules from anywhere at anytime – be it on their daily commute, whilst at work or even when they’re on holiday! Once each person has completed a module, they will receive a certificate too so this can be extremely helpful when the inspectors pay you a visit!

What modules can my team take?

The current training modules available to your team are:
Introduction to Cleaning
Introduction to Equipment
Kitchen Hygiene
Colour Coding
Infection Control and Carpet Care
Washroom Cleaning Control
Floor Care
Manual Handling
House Keeping

The Jangro team are constantly reviewing and adding new courses all of the time to make sure your team maintain the highest level of training for our cleaning products and equipment.

Why should my team complete the modules? 

Well there’s many reasons why your team should take the FREE Jangro LMS courses. The first being that it’s a quick, simple and convenient way of ensuring all of our staff are fully trained! It helps ensure cleaners know and understand how to use all the cleaning equipment available to them safely and properly. 

What’s great about the modules is that because you just require an internet connection, you can complete the information modules whilst on site which can assist in answering questions.

With performance tracking abilities, it’s possible to monitor your teams progress. 

The Jangro LMS system has been designed to the highest standard to be able to ensure everyone is cleaning safely. By taking the courses, you can rest assured your team and then therefore your clients are in much safer hands than before!

By having evidence of your team having completed the Jangro LMS modules, this information can be used to support you in submitting contract cleaning bids and it proves your cleaning and safety standards are high!

Jangro LMS is award winning! 

At the end of last year, the Jangro LMS received it’s CPD accreditation meaning the online system now offers you reliability that’s it’s relevant, up-to-date and high quality. That’s not to mention it was a winner in last years Tomorrow’s Care Awards and has been shortlisted as a finalist again this year!

How to sign up for the free training solution: 

For information on how to sign up and get involved in the FREE Jangro LMS available to you, contact our team of cleaning experts on 0845 207 1955 or visit: today.

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