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Pattersons – Reflections Of The Decade

Pattersons – Reflections Of The Decade

As 2020 gets off to a roaring start, we’re taking a look back at the last decade. A lot has changed at both Pattersons’ and in the cleaning/catering industry since 2020. It’s had it’s high’s and it’s low’s, it’s challenges and it’s rewards and it’s safe to say, overall, the decade has been a good one.

So let’s take a look back at the last 10 years at Pattersons….

We welcomed 2 new branches

Pattersons was born and raised in the heart of Bristol by the Pattersons family and that certainly hasn’t changed as that’s where you’ll still proudly find our head office. But this decade we expanded and you can now also find us in Redditch and Rochdale where we operated under the named Amtoll for a short while before transitioning to Pattersons in 2019, as well as our existing Exeter branch moving to Newton Abbot.

We also welcomed our sister company, Accommodation Supplies by Pattersons

Based in Newton Abbot, the Patterson family moved into supplying the accommodation sector with everything from holiday homes and parks to serviced apartments and student accommodation. We’re proud to have seen our sister company going from strength to strength, especially with our inventory packs and student packs. We’re super excited to see where the next decade takes us!

Find our more about our sister company here >> 

We took huge steps towards a more sustainable future 

Both in our offices and with our suppliers and customers, we’ve taken huge steps towards a more sustainable future and it’s safe to say, the next decade looks much greener. From switching up the majority of our catering disposables to have eco-friendly alternatives, offering the full green cleaning solution to our customers and switching to electric cars, both us and the industry have made huge eco advances that have been super exciting and rewarding to see! We’re expecting them to only get better with time too!













We made new in-house technology advances 

With a growing business and a changing industry, in 2019, we made the decision to upgrade our current operating methods and IT system for a more modern, connective system that would allow us to better communicate with customers and suppliers whilst also keeping much better track of our stock. Sadly, we were not immune from teething issues but as 2019 came to a close, we were proud of how far we’d come and how better prepared we were for 2020 with a system we had confidence in to carry both us and our customers forward at a much higher standard than before! We also saw our website relaunch and introduced exciting features such as budget and manager controls for our customers!

Our ISO credentials continue to prove our quality and eco standards

We’re ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 accredited which is something we’re extremely proud of it. Not only does it prove to our customers that we’re a trusted, reputable and ethical organisation but it also values our team’s hard work over the years at providing top quality service at all times!

Image result for iso

It’s been an even more charitable decade 

Giving back to the community is something that runs through the businesses culture and always has. Over the last decade, we’ve introduced our annual charity golf day for a different charity chosen by our employees each year as well as taking part in many other charity days. From donating old stock to having fund raising activities, our team have done so much for charity and helped so many and we are extremely proud of that!

Pattersons Annual Charity Golf Day 2018

Jangro LMS bags an award 

As proud Jangro members, we’re ecstatic to offer all of our customers free online training with the Jangro Learning Management Solution. In 2019, the solution was given the stamp of approval from the CPD Certification Service proving the solutions relevance and quality. But let’s not forget that it’s also won first place in the Tomorrow’s Cleaning Awards and has been shortlisted for more awards in 2020!

Online training CPD accredited








We developed a brand new logo and strap line 

With changing times, a changing industry and a changing business, a new strap line and logo felt only right…


So let’s cheers to the past decade…








 The Big Wax!

And cheers to a Happy New Year!




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