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A Worldwide PLA Shortage – Can We Keep Our Catering Disposables Eco?

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What’s the Situation?

Cutting down on plastic waste, reducing carbon emissions and finding new and innovative ways to go green, we know our customers have been doing their bit to drive environmental change over the last few years and we’ve been listening to your huge demand offering sustainable alternatives to your everyday disposables such as coffee cups and take away containers and it’s safe to say you’ve loved them! Loved so much in fact, that the material used to make these eco disposables, PLA (a material commonly made from renewable resources such as corn starch or sugar cane) has seen a global shortage, with major manufacturers offering limited availability to businesses like Pattersons.


How Will This Affect Me?

With the search for the solution being an on-going process, it’s unclear when the shortage of PLA will end but what we do know, is that there will be limited availability on key lines such as cold & hot food containers as well as our cups, lids and cutlery. Naturally, we would expect a price increase on all PLA products, but not to worry, we’ll be actively working with our customers and partners to find a solution which works for us all!


What’s Next?

You’ll be glad to hear that this isn’t totally shocking news to us and with our shared passion for a sustainable future, we’ve been hatching a plan to offer our customers some recyclable solutions during this shortage! Working with our suppliers we think we’ve found the ideal alternative!

Drumroll, please …….RPET. What is RPET I hear you ask? Well, RPET Is a material created from 100% recycled plastics that were previously used for common product packaging. Think of your water bottles and peanut butter jars, these are all made from PET plastic and the best thing is, it can be recycled over and over again! Although nothing beats PLA (is there any surprise, there’s a worldwide shortage?!), offering a recyclable plastic option can help reduce harmful waste ending up in our oceans and landfills. Check out our cheat sheet to find out more about this eco alternative!

Pattersons What is PLA

Which Will You Choose?

Let’s Talk!

We know how vital our eco-friendly products are to your business and we’re here to help! Looking for an alternative, want to find out more about sustainable options or simply look for a chat about how your business can go green for 2020? Pattersons are ready to answer all of your questions! So gives us a call on 0845 207 1955 or jump on our live chat and let one of our eco experts show you the solution to a greener future!

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