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You’re sitting at your desk getting ready to study but for some reason you just can’t start. You may be thinking it’s just because you haven’t had your morning coffee or you’re a professional procrastinator but have you ever considered it may be your student accommodation that’s the issue?

A typical situation for your students, we thought we’d do some digging and find out how you can make the most out of your rooms! Follow our ultimate guide below for some of our favourite tips or pick from any of our all in one student packs designed to fit any décor!


Scientifically proven to help memory retention by up to 20%, plants not only help to boost our concentration but also decrease stress and anxiety as well as improving air quality and helping us get a better nights sleep! For those who suffer with allergies or cramped for space, you’re in luck as false plants have the same mood boosting qualities without the need for any care!


You may not have considered the colour of your room as an important factor but a recent study suggests otherwise. With vivid colours such as greens and reds proven to stimulate the brain and boost energy levels whilst pale and pastel colours shown to reduce pulse rate and create a more relaxed and calm environment, why not add a splash of colour to your desk and see the improvement for yourself!


We’ve all heard the saying ‘clear room, clear mind’ but is there some scientific proof behind the saying? Studies have shown that clutter and mess compete with our brain to get attention over our main focus which can heavily affect our attention when working, but what can you do about it? Cut out the non-essentials and find some smart storage solutions such as dividers and organisers so you know where everything is without having to file through piles of work.


Not only visually helping to relax and create a comforting environment, certain scents have been proven to stimulate certain emotions and increase productivity. Whether you choose lavender to boost focus, jasmine to ease nerves or Cinnamon get your creative juices flowing, candles be a simple and easy way to mix up your study session!

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Our sister company Accommodation Supplies UK has done all the hard work for you putting together all in one packs that consists of everything from bedding, kitchen utensils, furniture and even some indoor plants! With next day delivery, find out more by visiting Have you got any questions you want some expert advice on? Why not give one of our friendly team a call on 0845 207 1955 and get the lowdown on our latest ranges and leading brands such as Jangro!

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