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With eco and earth-friendly being the words on everyone’s lips at the moment, we were surprised to discover that vegan meal options still aren’t a requirement for schools across the UK. This got us thinking… Why aren’t schools actively promoting a vegan diet yet and what other key sustainable things are they missing the boat with?

Getting Those Greens

We understand that a vegan or even a veggie diet isn’t for everyone’s tastes but the demand for these vegan alternatives is growing by the minute and soon or later they can’t be ignored! With a recent study showing 70% of British children want more vegan and veggie school meals, 44% of all school pupils are actively looking to remove meat from their everyday diet and it’s not just the students who are pushing for change. Also backed up by the parents, 81% suggested that they would be more than happy for their child to enjoy a vegan vegetarian meal at school and claimed regular school meals ‘aren’t as healthy’.

But Why?

44% of the 1000 students who participated in this study cited ‘being kinder to animals’ as their main reason for more meat-free alternatives, whilst others suggested just being healthier was a big concern. Worryingly over 77% of meat-free students admitted to eating meat dishes due to the serve lack of options available to them. With the growing influence of veganism and a shift in its perception, going vegan has only gone from strength to strength especially amongst the younger generation with 44% of people aged between 18-24 stating Veganism is ‘cooler than smoking’

What Can You Do?

It’s all about giving your students the choice. We all know it won’t be everyone’s cup of tea but happy and healthy students directly link to a better learning experience, concentration and overall better grades!

Why not start by speaking with your caterers. Although vegan dishes may seem a bit alien at first, a lot of your current meals can be adapted and tweaked to be made vegan without the need for a complete overhaul. And don’t forget these will appeal to the meat eaters among us too!

Start a discussion. We’re sure your students and their parents would give some great feedback on what you’re getting right and what can be improved. Making them feel part of the process is a great way to show you actually care about their well-being and are actively looking to make positive changes. These changes can also be great for the reputation of the school with other vegan initiatives making local and national news!

With students showing such enthusiasm for earth-friendly meals, we’re sure they’re just as passionate about the packaging they’re wrapped too!

Eating Green!

Your catering disposables are one of the most simple yet effective ways to make schools meals more eco-friendly. For you pre-made sandwiches baguettes and rolls, go for one of Vegware’s takeaway boxes or their waxed deli sheets. They are 100% compostable and do the least damage to our environment. For your sit down meals, there’s no better option then polycarbonate crockery. Being extremely durable and lightweight, this range will never break meaning less plastic waste!

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