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Recycling Is Awesome!

Did you know the average primary school generates 45kg of waste per pupil, per academic year? Now imagine how much waste would be generated in a junior school, secondary school, College or University? That’s a lot of waste! A lot of waste which could be given a new lease of life…


This summer 1.6 million students from 125 countries walked out of school, College or University as part of an internationally co-ordinated “Fridays for Future” or “School Strike For Climate” protest where students of all ages demand their schools, colleges or Universities make changes for global warming whilst younger pupils continue to send heart felt letters to their suppliers asking them to stop wrapping products in plastic.

Whilst recycling isn’t a solution to climate change on its own, it is just one easy step every education establishment can take to lower their negative impact on our environment. Not only will it reduce waste in our landfill which can cause a chemical build up but it will also mean reducing the need for mining new raw materials too!


Speak to your local council about what exactly they can recycle and what recycling schemes are available. That way, you can figure out what bins you will want and what products you can recycle and over time you can monitor it too to see how much waste your school have saved!


One you’ve figured out what you can and can’t recycle, you can choose your recycling bins and get yourself acquainted with your council’s collection services. Don’t forget to cut the poster out on page (x) to help your staff and pupils easily recycle!


Have you downloaded our FREE recycling poster yet? 

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