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How To Make Your School Eco

Did you hear that more than 1.6 million children and young adults skipped school to protest climate change in over 110 countries whilst many young children have written letters to their school suppliers ask them to please ditch single use plastic?

As more and more schools put “Eco Learning” on the agenda and pupils continue to plea for change, here’s some ways you can make your school, College or University a much greener place without any un-desirable price tags!

Reduce Plastic Packaging Waste

It’s not quite ready just yet, but Jangro have exciting plans to package their Jangro Enviro Sachets in cardboard boxes instead of plastic bags later this year! The sachets themselves are 100% biodegradable when added to water, so there will be no plastic waste at all with these amazing cleaners!

Alternatively, our customers very much love how just 1 litre of Jangro Enviro Concentrates will make 100 ready-to-use trigger spray bottles. Of course, those trigger sprays are single-use and most cannot be recycled so by choosing a concentrate cleaner, you’re drastically reducing your single use plastic by literally, 99 bottles!

Choose Plant Based Cleaners

Plant based cleaners are far better for the environment and our health too! Many educational establishments want the cleaning results and dosing accuracy of traditional professional cleaners but with a more eco focus, so they love the Winterhalter BLUe range which pretty much does everything your regular cleaners do, but in a more eco way!

Stop Throwing Away Your Plastic Mop Sockets

Did you watch BBC One’s War On Plastic when we discovered that EVERY MINUTE the equivalent of a truck load of plastic waste is sent to our oceans?

Reduce your plastic is waste by switching to our NEW Robert School Eco Mops

Buy Products Made From Recycled Plastic

We ALWAYS recommend recycling products if you can and it’s great to see old products being given a new lease of life.

Say No To Single Use Plastic

We know your food packaging isn’t always in your hands but if you have a good relationship with your supplier, why not suggest trying our Vegware compostable disposable food and drink packaging?

Pics and message: Made from plants not plastic (including selling points)

For more advice on going green, give our team of eco warriors a call on 0845 207 1955!

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