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Bug Control At School!

Nobody wants to get sick. A harmless little skive off school perhaps, but not the actually bug that would come with it. “What harm would one sick day do?” you may think but then you see your school’s stats. That number of pupil and teacher sick days definitely won’t look good when OFSTED arrive and you can’t believe you’re spending THAT MUCH money on supply teachers to cover teacher sick leave!

Your pupil and staff health is an investment not an expense. That’s not to say good infection prevention and control has to put a squeeze on your tight budgets.  In fact, if you’ve chosen the right collection of products and use them strategically and correctly, whilst promoting good practice amongst pupils and staff, we believe there’s a pretty good chance it’ll be cheaper than what you’re currently spending but with better results. Trust us!

  • 72 hours. That’s how long cold and flu germs survive on common surfaces.
  • 300. That’s the number of surfaces a child touches in 30 minutes.
  • 60 million. That’s the number of school days lost every year to the common cold and flu.

Promoting Good Hand Washing Practice

If you spend your days in an education establishment either as a staff member of or a pupil, then it’s estimated you come into contact with a whopping 152,300 germs every day! To combat against those nasty germs which are mainly cold and flu related with the odd tummy bug here and there, good hand washing is top of the charts. In fact, it’s been proven to prevent 50% of gastrointestinal illnesses and increase the number of pupils with 100% attendance by 20% so what are you waiting for?

Washing your hands to you and me is pretty obvious. But to your pupils… not so much! You want a dispenser which is easy for the user to use, yet still looks great. A hand wash that kills bacteria but is still gentle on everyone’s skin. A hand washing system that doesn’t break the bank or you back to maintain. Something like Gojo hand sanitiser!

Effective hand washing means regularly washing your hands with soap for at least 30 seconds!

Clean And Disinfect All Surfaces That Are Regularly Touched Every Day

It may sound obvious, but considering that one child will touch 300 surfaces in just 30 minutes, we think it’s about time we clean surfaces more frequently throughout the day. Don’t forget those door knobs! We recommend the P-Hold and P-Plate antibacterial door handle covers.

Understanding The Difference Between Cleaning, Disinfecting And Sanitising?

You might be thinking “huh, there’s a difference!?” or you may be thinking “wait… do people really not know the difference!?” but it’s actually quite common that disinfecting and sanitising are perceived to be the same thing. To put it simply, they’re not.

Disinfecting: Is the process of actually killing germs by using a chemical such as anti-bacterial or disinfectant. It may not clean a dirty surface, but it will remove the risk of infection spreading.

Sanitising: Is the process of either cleaning OR disinfecting to lower the number of germs on a surface to what is considered a safe level.

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